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Ammar Kubba

About me, in case you care to know...

Hi, I'm Ammar Kubba.

I'm an entrepreneur, investor, adviser, and lifelong learner. I'm currently building afterTHOUGHT, an investment and advisory firm with diverse holdings, including internet domain names, cryptocurrency, intellectual property, private equity, and real estate. Over the years, I've founded, acquired, grown, and exited multiple businesses, including Thought Convergence, DomainTools, TrafficZ, Aftermarket, Agreed, LeaseThis, @identity, and AutoBio. #AmorFati

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  • “I’m lurking. Like a dormant virus… but I’m being stymied by a variety of enemies who are envious of my talents.”

    The weekend is here! Start it off right & spend some time w/ the #Sherpas. Check out @J10enbaum @andrewrosener @ShaneCultra @amiller325gd & @AmmarKubba as they play #TheDomainGame, review domain names up for auction on @namejet & more... check it out!

    What's the longest anyone has been on the phone with @netsolcares to get an auth code? So far today, over an hour, and today is the third day in a row of multiple hours on the phone. #domains #domainnames #NetworkSolutions

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